NCS Company Overview

NCS specialise in various fields of paint coating processes, which include:


  1. Formulation design in all fields of paint coatings which include:
    • Automotive
    • Decorative
    • Industrial
    • Amongst others
  2. NCS is most active in the field of computer management programs, which are individually developed, to that of our clients specifications.
    Whilst NCS develop programs for all paint technologies, for manufacturers, retailers as well as individualised companies, NCS has become a world leader in respect to the autobody repair sector, to which it thrives.
    These systems electronically, take out the human, factor ensuring, the optimum, cost controls are implemented, providing, daily, or minute by minute control systems, to ensure overspending, does not occur. The system manages, theft, and wastage, to within a 2.5% accuracy.
  3. NCS laboratories, other than the development of it's own products, produces formulations for coating manufacturing companies. NCS on request analysis, and recreate generic products, if so requested.
  4. NCS produce a comprehensive, manufacture and retail range of products, which include: Automotive, industrial and decorative. NCS do not replicate existing products, but pride themselves in its ability, to totally re engineer coating technology, that we believe places us at the for front, of longevity coatings.
  5. Training is an absolute passion of NCS, our training centres, are state of the art, not only aesthetically, but most importantly in the knowledge, we present to the coating industry. NCS are about forward motion, providing the latest in, international technology, and ensuring that our client base remain, on top both locally as well as abroad. NCS provide training courses to: Business owners, directors, coating technicians, tradesmen, and general workers. The courses presented, are not attendance courses, but are test regulated to ensure, that concentration is maximised, and individuals absorb and understand lectures.
  6. Health and safety courses are presented, these are all state recognised and presented by the most highly trained, medics and paramedics, these are compiled with the sole intention, to ensure that companies are compliant with the legislation, legally required in the respective companies.

As one can see NCS, are involved in many aspects, of the coating industry, should you wish to enquire, as to one or more of our services please send us an e-mail, and we will revert back to you promptly.


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