Coating Division

"Selchem Coatings are about re-defining coating technology, not simulating what already exists!"

Selchem Coatings are world leaders in the Chemical Engineering of Pioneer Technology polymer based two-component decorative, industrial and commercial coatings.

Selchem's objective is to produce coatings that provide for a permanent end result. In the case of the Selchem Decorative coating range, our product has similar ease of application characteristics as that of P.V.A, but due to new generation 1/2K polymer technology, does not suffer it's predecessors pitfalls of fading, flaking, cracking, poor adhesion or hydroscopic properties that invariably lead to hairline cracks or lateral and rising damp problems.

Selchem 1/2K Roof Coatings are a blend of polymers and polyurethanes that waterproof, sound proof, are non-fading, flexible and possibly provide the world's first permanent solution roof coating.

Selchem Industrial and Commercial coating ranges are unique in that as with all Selchem Coatings, they require no undercoat or primer. The coating provides the distinct advantage of being spray, roller or brush applied. Drying time is only 20 minutes and aesthetic finish has been engineered to resemble that of a powder coating.

In summary, Selchem has an extensive product range for application to almost any surface, which includes Floor coatings, Roof coatings, Wall coatings, Plaster coatings, Cement Additives, trowel-on coatings, damp proofing, industrial coatings, commercial coatings and vehicle refinish coatings.